Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Super Junior Playing Crazily During Super Show 3 malaysia

Super Junior, who is youthful, loves playing crazily, and performs seriously, returns to Malaysia once again after a year to stir things up. Last year, the best selling point was their muscles, and this year, they’ve added in even more ingredients; there are flying men, flying kisses, flying balls, “sweaty shirts”, powerful dance performances, surprises, allowing you to touch their faces and hands and more. They’ve cooked up a super buffet for fans this time, no matter the taste or style, the fans were able to see until they were full, until their eyes hurt, and shout “order” until their voices cracked!

The Super Show 3, which once again brings into play powerful special effects, was full of glamour, and used special stage effects, hot dances, funny costumes and VCRs to dominate the fans’ attentions. The 10 members of SJ and also special guests from SJ-M, Henry and Zhou Mi showed off their powerful dances, and the fans also screamed with all their might.

During this sold-out concert which lasted around 3 hours, it seemed as though you could not hear any form of applause in the venue, because everyone were seriously busy, having to raise fansigns, create a blue sea (the whole venue was lighted up by blue lightsticks, SJ’s representative colour), or waving to their idols, so everyone could only use their voices which were on the verge of cracking due to the excessive screaming in order to show their support.

During the concert, aside from showing off the powerful dance numbers which they are the best in, they even slotted in ‘tear-inducing’ and expressive segments, causing the fans to shout that: “This is really too unforgettable!”

Why was it tear-inducing? The reason is because Kangin finally ‘made an appearance’! Even though Kangin had (temporarily) left the group and enlisted into the army, his SJ spirit still remains in everyone’s hearts. Appearing on the large screen, Kangin wore a hat, and under the projection which was created using special effects and also the lights, it allowed everyone to see him playing musical instruments together with the other members, and when added the effects of emotional music, it caused all of the fans who missed him to be teary-eyed.

This time’s concert could be divided into three sections, which are the dynamic white performance during the opening of the show, the individual expressiveness and charm show in the middle, and the enticing black lure during the ending, alongside the funny “costumes”. The SJ members walked through the entire venue thoroughly and entertained them well, and would occasionally hug the presents which were thrown onto the stage by fans before throwing it back into the crowd. Because of the hug, the pricetag of these presents immediately flew sky high, especially the sweat-soaked t-shirt worn by Leeteuk for several songs, which was thrown into the crowd right?!

The fans who sat at the “handshaking seats” (terrace) had even more benefits, because apart from being able to shake the hands of the members, Donghae, whom really loves to take photos, took their camera to do a selca and to do a group shot with the fans. Heechul, Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk were also the same, causing the fans to be overjoyed.

Super cool stage lighting

The three-sided stage of SS3 can seriously be described as super cool!

There were huge LED screens put up on either side of the stage in order to project the live recordings of the show, thoroughly taking care of the fans who were seated at the upper tiers. As for the center of the stage, it could be said that it was full of machinery-use; following the entrances which were used to pop out everywhere during last year’s SS2, the middle portion of the stage had an added two round-shaped LED screen, together with one large and one small rotating portion, allowing them to sing while spinning around. Also, the part allowed ‘someone to fly out’ as well!

The stage for this time’s SS3, which was organized by Running Into The Sun (RITS), was designed in accordance with the rest of the tours. This year’s biggest surprise is that there were flying men for everyone to see. During the opening show, Donghae flew three-stories high alone, and he who was completely dressed in white appeared looking like an angel, causing the fans to want to worship them like a god!

Aside from that, while singing “No Other”, Leeteuk and Sungmin also became flying angels. The both of them had blue balloons tied onto them, and they sprinkled shredded paper around, pushing the fans’ emotions to the top, leading them into another high.

Distributing balls around the venue, causing madness

Super Junior, who has a youthful vigor, plenty of energy, hilarious, and humorous, chaotically played on the stage, causing the fans below the stage to be dazzled while watching!

SJ, who loves to play and joke around, can also play seriously aside from singing and dancing seriously during the concert. Taking a basket around the venue to distribute balls, causing even Kyuhyun, who is unusually playful and sneaky, started putting his autograph on the balls and gave away kisses. The fans that caught these balls would probably bring them home and put them in a frame, wouldn’t they?

In addition, the very playful Sungmin and Donghae stood in the middle of the stage, where one of them threw the balls while the other hit them with a stick to give the balls to the fans. This ball-distributing segment practically made the fans chase every single action with their eyes, all in fear of missing something out.

Towards the end of the show, they even took the stage in vegetable costumes, and the most eye-catching one would be the ultimate ‘beansprout costume’ worn by Donghae. Aside from that, every single portion of the stage that was walked past by the members would have a trail of presents, which were thrown onto the stage by fans, causing the stage to be in a huge mess.

At the end of the concert, Siwon even made an appeal to the fans in English, hoping that everyone would pray together for the sake of the victims of the Japanese earthquake, and also to lend a helping hand in order to help them get over their difficult times. So the fans should save the money spent on presents, and help perform charity work instead!

Source: China Press
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

CN Blue - First Step (Full Length Album)

CNBLUE‘s first full-length album “FIRST STEP” already released on 21st March and the music video also released on the same day... This album consist of 12 songs which is:

1.직감 gir

4.i dont know why

5.사랑은 비를 타고

6.lie time

8.just please

9.wanna be like you

10.ready N go
12.One Of A Kind (Bonus Track)

CNBLUE showcased their ’smart’ image through “
I’m A Loner” and “LOVE“.Now they have transform into chic boys for their new album. Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun dyed their hair back to black to emphasize their charisma and Lee Jung Shin shed his girly look by adopting an all-back hairstyle. It was also reported that Yong Hwa appeared to be considerably slimmer and showed off his V-line, and he revealed that he went on a diet and lost 8kg in a month for CNBLUE’s comeback. NOW CHECK OUT THEIR NEW MUSIC VIDEO : FIRST STEP

my rating for :
album : 4/5
music video : 4.5/5 (love their new image)...keke....

Monday, 21 March 2011

Super Show 3 Malaysia : [News] Spectacular blue sea, Super Junior Heechul causes a stir with appearance

Super Junior (SJ) came to hold their concert again in Malaysia after the span of a year, and the 田-shaped stage which had received an upgrade allowed the fans to be at a closer distance with their idols; the passionate fans used the blue lightsticks in their hand, and covered the entire concert venue in a sea of sapphire blue, making the venue look grand. Even though the time where Heechul, who performed with an injury, would make an appearance on stage while wearing a mask throughout the entire concert, the fans would all scream their lungs out whenever he takes the stage; Kangin, whom enlisted into the army in July 2010 after being involved in a DUI incident, 'returned' to the group via a VCR instead, and 'performed the violin' along with the other 10 members. When the fans saw the 'appearance' of Kangin after a long time, they immediately screamed emotionally. No matter the audio-visual effects or the atmosphere, throughout the 180-minute "Super Show 3", there was never a moment where the high-pitched, passionate screams would stop, and absolutely not a moment of silence!

"Super Show 3", which was finally held in Malaysia, had the exact same performance content as the show in Taipei. Heechul, whose face was injured, did not impersonate Lady Gaga as expected, and show off the flirtatious dance that was anticipated by everyone. Wearing a face mask, the number of times he would appear on stage was very minuscule. During the opening, Donghae descended from the sky, and(Heechul) performed "Sorry Sorry" and "Super Girl" with the rest of the members decked in handsome white outfits. Later on, while performing "Don't Don", he transformed into a drummer, and stood on the elevated round stage in the center along with Henry, Zhou Mi and Jungmo, causing everyone to scream loudly for him once again. The entire venue would be drowned in deafening screams whenever he appears, and the sound waves would reach the highest decibel. It's not an exaggeration if one would say that Heechul was the member who stood under the spotlight the most throughout the entire concert.

Eunhyuk has an early birthday celebration
While the concert was submerged in a joyful atmosphere, Siwon, whom is perceived as 'the man with lots of love' did not forget to make an appeal to all the fans, asking them lend a helping hand to the victims of the earthquake in Japan, and pray for the casualties of the incident.(Aside from that,) everyone also held an early celebration for Eunhyuk, whose birthday falls on April 4th, singing "Happy Birthday" at the top of their voices. Eunhyuk also posed with Henry, Donghae and Yesung*, showing a thumbs up to all the audience, thanking everyone for their passionate support for SJ.

Kyuhyun's surprise attack, Eunhyuk was kicked
SJ, whom turned the entire stage into a huge playground, had lots of fun on stage and went crazy. They would occasionally hug one another, and would take selcas with the fans' cameras at other times. **(While singing happily, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook slept on the stage, and was then joined by Leeteuk. Without warning, Sungmin threw himself onto the other three's backs, and Shindong who wasn't very light joined in later on, causing the audience to shout loudly.) The hilarious scenes of them goofing around brought an immense amount of laughter to the fans beneath the stage. Towards the end of the concert, the members appeared in vegetable costumes, and played with even less restriction. Kyuhyun made a surprise attack on Eunhyuk from behind, and kicked him to the ground. Eunhyuk, who donned a heavy vegetable costume, lost his balance and couldn't push himself up at all. Kyuhyun stepped on him for several more times before helping him up. On the other hand, Leeteuk walked out on stage with a high ponytail on the top of his head, performing "Tok Tok Tok" which is very interesting alongside the other members, causing the boiling atmosphere to heat up even more. While performing "Way For You", the members held a huge basket each, and distributed colourful balls to the fans all over the venue, and chaos ensued when the fans started snatching for the balls.

Added solo performances, showing off individual talents
Apart from the group performances, SJ also added solo performances during this time's concert, and each ofthe members had their own solo or duet segments. First of all, Leeteuk performed Wang Lee Hom's "Kiss Goodbye" while playing the piano, and later on Siwon sang the song "Looking For The Day" with deep feelings. One of SJ-M's members Henry also performed Justin Bieber's popular song "Baby Baby" in a quiescent piano and dynamic dance performance, leading the venue into another high. Ryeowook and Kyuhyun also followed in Leeteuk's footsteps and showed off their Chinese language mastery, performing "One Fine Spring Day" and "New Endless Love" respectively. Another of SJ-M's Chinese member Zhou Mi danced and sang to Elva Hsiao's "Miss Chic". Aside from playing the guitar as an accompaniment to Ryeowook earlier, Sungmin had a sexy dance performance with the female dancers. In addition, Eunhyuk (and Donghae) also performed a sexy dance number with a female dancer, and Yesung had a solo performance of "It Has To Be You". Everyone having a "solo show" also became one of the focal points of the concert this time. When Yesung reached the chorus of his song, the fans beneath the stage all sang it with him at the top of their voices, causing him to be extremely touched.

* In the original article, the reporter wrote Kyuhyun instead of Yesung. I believe that the reporter mixed up between the members.
** The entire portion contained within the red brackets is wrong. I presume that the reporter was talking about what they were doing during 'Rokkugo', because that's the only moment where the 'abuse' occurred. Sungmin and Leeteuk were the ones who laid on their backs first, before being joined in by Eunhyuk. Shindong later heaved himself on the three of them, before Heechul placed himself on the top of the pile

from :
Source: Sinchew-i
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Saturday, 19 March 2011

officially become INSPIRIT~~~...

Tengah duk tension tulis thesis...bukak la variety show yg dh lame ak donlod,tp x de mase nk,layan la infinity girls...yg jd guest kumpulan infinite...sebenarnya dh lme kenal kumpulan ni...mse mula2 diorang debut ngn lagu to-ra-wa (comeback here) mase 2 x la minat sgt....sbb rmai sgt boy grup yg bru debut...mlas nk pikir...hehe... pas 2 ari 2 tgk la mbc flower bouquet..mase 2 kumpulan infinite ni jd guest...tiba2 tgk diorang ni comei...hehe...mase 2 si woohyun ni ckp die dh lame minat seunghyun die pon propose la smbil nyanyi lagu lee seungi (noona u r my woman)...masuk 2 terus melt dgr sore die n sikap gentlement die...pas 2 si leader infinite ni .sungkyu plk die ckp suka kat jiyoon 4minute...eye smile die bisa membuatkan hati pompuan cair...comei sgt2...heheh.... lpas 2 diorang wat comeback ngn lagu BTD (Bfore the dawn ).,...mmg 1st time dgr lagu ni trus jatuh cinta ngn lagu nih...suke ngn scorpion dance ...kumpuln ni famous ngn neat synchronizes,stat dr ari 2,trus set ringtone phone lagu nih..haha...skang die dh wat comebak ngn lagu bru...NOTHINGS OVER...dr imej yg agak masculine depa bertukar jd ala2 sweet boy gitu...nice concept..sesuai ngn diorang ni yg masih muda remaja..ak x nk komen lg pasal lagu bru ni..sbb still x addict lg..hehe..

berbalik pada infinity girls,diorang kena berlakon watak dalam,stat dr sini la ak bertambah suke ngn kumpulan ni....comei sgt2...hehe..ini ade sket biodata pasal bdk2 ni..korang leh tnya pak cik google kalu nk tau lebeh lanjut...^^

Sungkyu = leader grup ni....sgt comei...bila die senyum ,eyesmile die mmg buat ak cair..haha..

Dongwoo = rapper...x la hensem perangai die mmg lawak...lepas laku betol..haha..

Woohyun = main vocalist.1st person yg ak knal sbb ak rase die ni sgt macho + sore sedap..hehe..

Hoya =main dancer...x bnyk yg leh ckp pasal mamat ni...die mmg hensem n pndai nari...x bnyk skali die buat lawak mmg sakit perot gelak..haha..

Sungyeol = vocalist...die ni mmg lawak....tgk muke die mmg dh nk gelak...die sgt pandai imitate burung hantu..mmg menjadi..haha

L = Vocalist...agak 4D sket prangai...ckp ikut lepas je...mmg x hipokrit kadang2 agak blur...blur die 2 yg membuatkan kita nk gelak...

Sungjong = maknae ...still budak2...bru 18 thn....x matang lg..sore pon x pecah..kelebihan die ni leh nari lagu pompuan ngn expressi cam pompuan..muka ade la ala2 awek fullhouse,Song Hye Kyo.,..

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Takut + Cuak

takut,cuak seme dh bercampur baur...huhu

nk tau sbb pe?...
of coz la FYP...
arini ak dgr dh ramai2 kwn2 ak yg nk siap wat project
tp aku?
bru siap analyze raw material
mane lg nk press,sinter,characterized,mechanical testing...
aduhhh...risonya kalu x siap...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,tolonglah serta permudahkanlah urusan hambamu ini..amin....

Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunday, 6 March 2011

♥ YongSeo ep 47 ♥ KhunToria ep 36 ♥

Just finished watching We Got Married KhunToria ep36 and YongSeo couple ep47...
it is quiet funny and interesting for both couple...

lets begin with Yongseo couple...this week they still continue their wedding photoshoot...i love the part where Yonghwa was asked to kiss Seohyun...he look really shy and nervous..maybe this is his first kiss just like Jungshin said..

the cutest part where they are wearing 'choding' style clothes for their photoshoot ...both of them look so cute also another kiss scene ....unlike first kiss this time Seohyun turn 2 kiss Yonghwa....Seohyun not nervous at all compared to Yonghwa...of course because he is 'Yong choding'....hahaha....
i love the last part after they finished photoshoot where on the way back home,seohyun received back hug from Yonghwa out of nowhere! and the best thing is she didnt deny it either!! keke ♥ we all can see he really wanted to hug her not just bcz of "It's cold" haha ^^
And for KhunToria couple,they still rehearsing dance practice for upcoming Gayo Daejun....they also have given a mission from MBC Gayo Daejun PD to make a teaser for their upcoming performance...they successful make a teaser thanks to help from 2AM Jinwoon ,Seulong and 2PM Junho, the part where this couple argue in the elevator...they also put "suspen" part at the end of the teaser....p/s : love all supporting character...because of them,this teaser become more interesting...♥♥

thesis oh thesis....

mlasnye nk besok my SV dh mintak...chpter 1,2, bru siap smpi chapter 2....camne ni....aduhhh...

p/s : xde mase,tp smpt blogging..haha...mungkihkah ak dh addicted...arghhhh...tidakk!!!...huhu...

Friday, 4 March 2011

Secret Big Bang????????

Hilarious parody of SBS hit drama "Secret Garden" by popular korean idol group Big Bang....
to die hard fans of secret garden,now its time to try another version of this drama....its worth 2 watch.....

GD as G Raim - he was so cute as G Raim...frankly speaking i felt that he more cute compared 2 Ha Ji Won (sorry Ji Won Fans )..u all cant resist GD's cuteness....^^

TOP as Kim Joo Top - handsome as usual..he played kim joowon character so well...i love the part where he GD said,it is his real tears....pity him cause must kiss 2 character in this parody..but i think he did more than he should do..blushing2....^^

Seungri as Seungska - nothing more i can say bout him...funny as always..his imitation of Oscar was his character....^^

Taeyang as Team Leader Tae -compared to original secret garden where he is stunt school leader,this time he change it to dance teacher ...nothing else 2 say bout him...his acting just so-so...maybe because he quite shy and of course not an actor compared to others...p/s : love his hair...look so cute on him..maybe now its time u should change your hairstyle Taeyang...^^

Daesung as Secretary Kang and Joo Top Mother - love his character as a clumsy Secretary Kang...quite pity cause he did not have a lot of air time...his expression as joo top mother was so hilarious..his adlib was so good...of course because he is Kang u always Daesungie..


Pasar Malam...

Jumaat...sprti bese arini pasar malam kt jam besar ...sape yg duk kt area2 parit buntar ni tau la kt mne kan...hehehe...klu hari ahad plk kt besenya kt taman pekaka ni je...

so lpas je balik kuarkan smpel dr oven kt bengkel,dlm kol 530 ak ngn MekYa trus merempit pg psapasar mlm...

menu wajib :

  1. ikan keli goreng - mmg sedap ,smpi gigit tulang..1st tyme ak jumpe ikan keli goreng kt tmpt org juai ayam goreng....murah+sedap...x rugi...rm1/ hari ni xde mood nk mkn so x beli...^^
  2. bihun sup : nk kate sedap x de la sedap sgt. tp klu tyme2 mlm camni mknan berkuah camni je la yg leh masuk tekak...
  3. cendol : mmg sesuai klu tyme2 klu ade cendol pulut lg best...
  4. mee goreng kawah - dsbbkan godaan mekya+harga yg murah...ak beli...haha...
  5. buah mmpelam harum manis - klu org ganu die pnggil pelam mas hitam...ingtkan nk bli durian mlang hari ni xde plk org ,mempelam pon mempelam la...nmpk sedap jgk...^^

Thursday, 3 March 2011



kpd die hard fans k-pop semestinya tau ape makna nya kan??
E.L.F stand for Everlasting friend.....
E.L.F is a official fan club name for biggest boy band in the korea,east asia,asia or maybe in the world...hehehe...
sape lg kalu bukan Super Junior or simply word SUJU...
Uri Neun Su-pa-ju-ni oh.....haha...itu greeting diorang....
Ops lupe nk ckp,knape name blog ak ni sapphire blue...
yup,ini ade kena mengena ngn suju gak, PEARL SAPPHIRE BLUE...adalah diorang nye official ballon colour...hehe...
klu nk cter pasal suju ni mmg esok pon x korang tnya pak cik google sndiri la erk..hehe..

sebenarnya dis is one of da reason nape ak tlis blog ni..
sebenarnya kwn2 ak x ramai yg minat k-pop kalu nk bercerita 2 x tau nk cter kt sape
so dgn adenye blog ni leh la ak syok sndiri cter pasal kpop ni...hahaha...

selain suju ak jugak minat grup k-pop yg len..cma my 1st priority of coz la suju...hehe..
other than suju ak gak minat 2PM,BEAST,SNSD,KARA,CNBLUE,SHINEE,2AM,BEG,4MINUTE and bnyk lg la..
klu nk tlis x ckup page kot...^^

its my first time.....

berjaya jugak ak create blog ...

sebenarnya hajat nk buat dh lame,tp dgn keadaan FYP yg teramat bz,so hajat 2 terpaksa stop jap..
ak sebenarnya xde la pandai sgt wat ayat2 bunga cam kwn ak yg len...conclusionnya,bab2 mengarang ni mmg ak fail... tp maybe dgn adenya blog ni ak leh luah,share ape yg ak ada...maybe by doing dis,it can be one way to release my tension....hehe....

ok la...
smpi sni dlu 1st entry ..tamau cter pjg2.. nak p smbung tulis thesis yg x pernah abes....hehe... daaaa......


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